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 This page contains links to PDF’s containing articles, collections, residencies and trips about Carol and Richard Selfridge

Articles By and About Carol and Richard Selfridge

Trompe L’oeil Pots

Exploring Earthly Delights_ Mundane and Beyond

Why We Make Utilitarian Pots

Clay and Glaze – Our Artistic Practice

Short Stories

Tea Break with Otto Heino

The Artful Potters

The Marketing Dance_ Choosing Your Partners

Urning a Living the Cool Way

Ah So You Do It for the Ash: A Woodfiring Odyssey

Selfridge Ceramic Art Collections

Selfridge Collection_North America

Selfridge Collection_International

Selfridge Collection_SelfridgeWork

 Trips and Residencies

The Aomori International Woodfired Festival

The Macsabal International Woodfired Festival 2003

The 2006 Jingdezhen Pottery Workshop Residency

The 2006 China Travel Diary to Jingdezhen

Australian Pottery Trip 2004

New Buffalo Burner Wood Kiln

Making Woodfired Flattened Teapots with Glazed Filled Stencils